Who we are
FirstEagle is a high tech turnkey solution company created by engineers. We are highly skilled electronics product developers who love working with our clients on projects, concepts, and ideas that revolutionize markets. This is the foundation of the work that we do for our clients. We love innovation, digital transformation and the startup scene. We’ve partnered with a myriad of companies to bring their products to market successfully in the most efficient ways possible. With over hundreds delivered projects, for companies large and small ,we pride ourselves in maintaining cutting-edge skills in a rapidly evolving industry.

FirstEagle  works closely with customers to ensure design is of the highest quality and exceeds expectations. Our highly experienced team with extensive domain knowledge, along with our global delivery capabilities, ensures that our customers can depend on us to deliver consistent value and a significant return on their investment. From the initial needs analysis to final system manufacturing, and support, FirstEagle works proactively to anticipate the customer’s perspective with constructive feedback to ensure superior project results.

We are committed to overcoming the challenges facing organizations whose futures depend on getting products to market on time and within budget.
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FirstEagle's Vision & values
To be recognised as the multidisciplinary product design and development  and manufacturing of choice, who aims to consistently create high quality, commercially successful products and nurture long term client relationships. As a highly-professional team, we share the same beliefs, bringing clients’ products to market through these six core values:
Empathy - Understand that each and every client’s business and sector are unique. 
Passion - Ground-breaking products wouldn’t go far without passion.
Honesty - FirstEagle will  tell you like it is. No conjecture. No inflated project proposals. 
Collaboration- FirstEagle  thrives off collaborating with clients and partners. It’s what makes us tick and to nurture and grow ideas together. 
Innovation - Innovation is vital to set your business and product design apart from the competition. 
Best practice - FirstEagle ensure projects are delivered professionally and on-time which meet or exceeds agreed objectives.
Our Expertise
Electronic Design and Product Development If you’re looking for a truly cost-effective and time-efficient route to new product introduction, we can support you from any stage of the design process through to production.
We can start from your general description, producing a functional specification, circuit design, firmware, PCB layout, housing, through to prototype build and, finally, production. Electronics Procurement Effective materials management ensures that you benefit from the best prices and supportive sourcing arrangements that FirstEagle has established over time. Having component availability at the time you need it is of major importance, and Firsteagle’s supplier relationships will drive this for you.
Full Turnkey Solutions
If your business requires a fast, efficient, cost effective turnkey solution, we can provide everything, from basic PCB manufacture through to complete product assembly.  We can assembly complex mechanical systems with embedded electronics, and then functional test them.
You’ll have the full support of our design and production engineering team throughout the process, so any problems can be identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.
PCB Assembly
From through-hole and mixed technology to ultra-fine pitch surface mount (SMT), FirstEagle can provide the assembly solution you require, including full product assembly, chassis wiring and functional testing. FirstEagle focus upon high technology customers with high mix requirements.
Electronic Manufacturing
Our full range of Electronics Manufacturing services includes everything 
from design, procurement, PCB assembly and testing through to full turnkey solutions, comprising electronic assembly, testing and configuration. 
Firsteagle takes great pride in its products and processes. We build quality into every product we manufacture. 
We offer full product packaging, warehousing and shipping 
services from our state-of-the-art facility
- Custom packaging options 
- Inventory management
- Warehousing
- Scheduled shipping services from our warehouse
Our Approach
 Concept Development 
The “what if” phase. Here we use research and creative strategy to explore those complex problem areas and foresee potential challenges before you devote significant resources to a project. Our interdisciplinary teams develop a range of concepts that creatively meet every product requirement, and we analytically vet them for technical confidence. Then, we work closely with your team to define promising directions for the next steps.

• User Testing
• Architecture Definition
• Engineering Analysis
• Cost Estimation
Design & Prototype
The critical stage when concept becomes reality. Using an analytically driven approach, we engineer and guide your product through the prototyping process for testing and validation, while preserving the creative design. We will work with your own processes to integrate this first release into your company as smoothly as possible.
 • Functional and Aesthetic Prototyping
• User testing
• Features , Material Selection, Manufacturing Technology
• BOM Supply Chain Research
• Final Product Cost
• Product specification
Production Design
Manufacturing Release
After a well-engineered prototype passes validation testing, key analyses are revisited, the design is updated for volume manufacturing, and documentation is refined and prepared for production release. Our international team is set up to seamlessly transition from design to manufacturing, no matter where it will be made. We are here to make it as easy as possible to deliver your product into the hands of your customers.
• Supply Chain Selection
• Vendor Validation
• Documentation
• Quality control plan
• Manufacturing Support
Product Launch Support
We are also here to help manage vendors, support engineering change orders, or diversify your supply chain.
• Vendor Management
• Engineering Changes Order
• Make the delivery to your specified destination
• After Action Review
• Continuous Improvement to optimise production cost